Crossroads Financial Update

Good Afternoon Crossroads Family,

Thank you so much for joining us last night for our weekly prayer service. A quick reminder that our services are live-streamed on Tuesday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am. You can access those feeds at our website by clicking the “Facebook Livestream” button or going directly to our FB page

Second, we want to mention our sincere thankfulness for your continued generosity during this unprecedented time. Without your continued support, we could not provide spiritual support and guidance. A couple of things we have done is we have suspended all discretionary spending during the corona outbreak. What that means to you specifically is we have paused our worship room remodel for the foreseeable future. All projects and expenses that are not mission-critical at this moment have also been suspended. 

One area that we are spending money right now is getting our technology built up to provide quality live streaming for you and the world around us. We know we have had a few bumps but behind the scenes, we are trying our third system this week to figure out which technology suits us best and we aim to Livestream moving forward once this season passes. 

What we cannot pause, however, is our fixed costs including our rent, utilities, and salaries. God has put us in a great financial position with money in the bank that was for other projects but can be re-purposed for the current financial climate. It is helpful that your continued generosity is displayed which enables us to continue to minister in this new climate indefinitely. 

The quickest and easiest way during this shelter in place order is for you to give online. It does cost us less in processing fees for you to give through an ACH transfer rather than your credit card but again your generosity is appreciated. If you have not setup your account to give online you can email us at and we schedule a time to help you with that over the phone. To set up that transfer, please visit If you give cash typically please consider either dropping that off at the church through the door on days when you are shopping. You can, of course, mail your tithe the old fashioned way and you can designate us as your AmazonSmile partner which costs nothing. 

Again from the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful for you the church and our prayer for you is that you would be the tangible hands and feet displaying the hope and light of Christ while we continue to learn how to be the church scattered in Arlington.


Joe and Elders